Music Teacher at Waldorf Schools

Are you dreaming of becoming a music teacher at a Waldorf school, shaping the artistic and musical life of the school and accompanying children and young people on their musical development path through school? Do you like working in a team, do you have mature skills as a musician and do you have a warm interest in people and anthroposophy? – The basic training “Music Teacher at Waldorf Schools” takes up these impulses and would like to give you the artistic-pedagogical tools on the way to take on this task. There is a great demand for this field of activity in schools and in society!

Leitmotifs of the Training

  • Touching souls with music as an artist and promoting the development of young people as an educator
  • Anthroposophical study of man as the basis of education
  • Forming of the human being through music

Cooperation Hamburg-Mannheim

  • Music teacher at Waldorf schools: 5-year training in cooperation with the Academy for Waldorf Education in Mannheim
  • Three years of artistic-pedagogical training at MenschMusik in one of the three courses instrumental pedagogy, singing and choir conducting or EMP – Music in the Social Field
  • Two years of pedagogical-artistic training at the Academy for Waldorf Education in Mannheim

After three years: certificate for one of the 3 courses: instrumental pedagogy | Singing and Choral Conducting | Elementary music pedagogy at MenschMusik Hamburg
After another two years at the Academy for Waldorf Education Mannheim: Diploma as a specialist teacher for music at Waldorf schools

Head of Department
Matthias Bölts, Barbara Hanssen – MenschMusik Hamburg
Iru Mun – Academy for Waldorf Education Mannheim

Content and Subjects
The training “Music teacher at Waldorf schools” at MenschMusik Hamburg is based on the subjects offered in the existing artistic-pedagogical training courses in instrumental and vocal pedagogy and elementary music pedagogy.
Extension through School Music – specific epochs with Iru Mun at MenschMusik Hamburg, as well as school internships

Admission Requirements
Requirements for the entrance exam:

1) Artistic exam
Artistic main subject: Presentation of three works from different stylistic periods
Minor subjects: audition/audition in two minor subjects: two easy works from different stylistic epochs
If the main subject is piano, the minor subjects are singing and a melody instrument. If the main subject is singing, the minor subjects are piano and a melody instrument. If the main subject is a melody instrument, the minor subjects are singing and piano.

2) Music Theory/Ear Training
Oral test in music theory and ear training
Hearing and singing intervals, recognizing chords, melody and rhythm dictation, describing a given musical score (key, time signature, harmony, form, stylistics)

3) Motivational talk

Start of studies
September 23, 2024

Matthias Bölts,