Five Leitmotifs of Training

Touching with Music – Art
It is important to us to train artists who want to use music to make statements that go beyond their own personal expression and who at the same time connect deeply personally with what they express on stage. A prerequisite for lively music making that touches the audience is to let yourself be touched and impressed by the music. In this sense, the training of an inspired hearing, a conscious feeling and a truly productive creative power are essential components of the artistic training.

Unleash Potential with Music – Pedagogy
Do you know the experience of having felt deeply seen by a person, in your innermost, hidden concerns, but also in what prevents you from realizing them? It can release development potential with great power to feel lovingly perceived and accompanied in this way by another person in one’s own development! We want to train music teachers who, in addition to the necessary instrumental and pedagogical tools, can show an interest in the developing person and want to accompany and promote this development.

Opening Spaces with Music – Music in the Social Realm
Music can comfort, heal and awaken joie de vivre. Making music together and experiencing music enables deep spaces for encounters and, regardless of age, origin and previous musical knowledge, has the effect of a constructive, harmonizing, connecting activity. There is a great demand from society for musicians who can accompany social and therapeutic processes through music in a creative and versatile way. Further development is only possible today with a willingness to improvise, inspired action from the moment. We support the students in developing new musical professional forms in order to be able to respond to this need.

“One can only learn oneself” – Research
Our training is about taking learning seriously as a matter of individual initiative. Gradually, the students learn to take responsibility for this “self-learning”. The goal is to discover the inner source from which the individual learning initiative springs.
We work with Goetheanistic-phenomenological methods to grasp the qualities of the individual musical elements and to learn how to handle them. At the same time, we try to develop musical-lively forms of thinking in which the heart as an organ of listening is also trained. A musical image of man and a human image of music emerges and becomes the source of inspiration for one’s own artistic and educational work.

“Studying in Projects” – Entrepreneurship
We build on the initiative of the students: Under the motto “Studying in Projects”, they learn during their training with the help of accompanied prototype situations with their artistic and pedagogical projects to take real responsibility. Courage and self-confidence arise in order to pursue individual musical career paths. The course prepares you for freelance, self-employed work.