Instrumental Pedagogy

Instrumental Pedagogy


Never play a sound that doesn’t come from
somewhere and doesn’t go anywhere.
Isaac Stern

Artistic-Pedagogic Education „Instrumental Pedagogy“
Do you enjoy music and want to pass it on to other people? You play an instrument very well, want to expand your artistic skills, give concerts, play in an ensemble, answer your questions about man and music? Then the “Instrumental Pedagogy” course could be the very thing for you! The training is project-related and practical. You will receive a broad musical education and learn the basics of anthroposophical anthropology. From the second year of training you will teach yourself and organize your own project concert. You will gradually grow into the opportunities and requirements of working life as a freelance artist and educator.

Main instrumental subject, minor subject piano/singing, instrumental pedagogy, Musikvermittlung, methodology and didactics of the main subject, anthroposophical anthropology, chamber music, musical composition, ear training, music theory, music history, form theory, choir and ensemble direction, musical phenomenology, eurythmy, choir, drama, concert and project management

Not just another studies – it’s all about your studies!
Individual setting of priorities in the study design
Learning in projects – “Involve me and I learn”
Study support by a mentor

Instrumental Pedagogy at MenschMusik Hamburg
Interpenetration of Art and Pedagogy – Pedagogy as Art
Anthroposophical anthropology as the basis of pedagogy Musical phenomenology as an interdisciplinary method

Standard Period of Study
3 years

Admission Requirements
Requirements for the entrance exam:
– Audition of three pieces from different epochs on your main instrument, prima vista playing
– Basic knowledge of piano playing or another harmony instrument (guitar, accordion)
– Oral test in music theory and ear training
– Motivational interview

Training Structure (in German)
Curriculum Instrumentalpädagogik
Strukturplan der Ausbildung
Allgemeine Prüfungsordnung

Certificate “Instrumental Pedagogy”
Qualification as a freelance musician and instrumental music teacher

BAföG Approval
Training for instrumental pedagogues has been BAföG recognized by the Hamburg Cultural Authority since January 1, 2011.

Start of studies
September 25, 2023

Course director: Barbara Hanssen: